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Florida, United States

Our Services

  • Value engineering, quality assurance/quality control for a wide range of civil works projects.
  • Inspection and evaluation of levee systems utilizing non-intrusive geophysical methods in conjunction with traditional boring methods.
  • Forensic evaluation, design and rehabilitation of gated structures, culverts and control weirs.
  • Inspection and rehabilitation of pump station facilities.
  • Design of armoring for protection of embankment slopes and spillways.
  • Preparation of designs, construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates.
  • Construction engineering inspection and management.
  • Expert technical reports and expert court testimony regarding reservoir performance and operations during extreme flood events.
  • Subsurface investigations and material testing.
  • Stability, seepage, and piping analysis.
  • Dewatering systems and groundwater resource modification programs.
  • Design of rehabilitations including cutoff walls, seepage berms, relief wells, and drainage trenches.
  • Design and construction of monitoring well clusters and remote reading piezometer instrumentation systems.
  • Climate change – sea level rise resiliency and adaptation studies.